Special Services

Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening


-No Invasive Dental Procedure
-No Gum Sensitivity
-Dental Grade Peroxide
-Simple and Gentle Procedure
-No Mouth Trays
-Less than an hour
-No strong chemicals taste or fizzing (like the strips)
-No night time trays for maintenance
-Low cost and instant results

Solar Nails


-Minimum 3 weeks to fill
-Manage the length you want
-Perfect tips
-Classy french tip look
-Strongest type of artificial nails (bio, uv, acrylic etc)
-No drying time
-Won’t break
-Natural french look
-Great for people who uses their hands daily in their profession
-Protects your real nails
-Low maintenance
-Economically cheaper to maintain

Eyelash Extensions


-Choose your length
-Choose your look (natural/dramatic)
-Gentle procedure
-Easy to maintain
-Low cost
-Individually applied
-Looks natural, feels natural
-Save getting ready time
-Wake up looking pretty and awake
-Wear less makeup


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