Our philosophy, Our people

You deserve to Look Good and Feel Good.

Everyone is always looking for changes, better changes. To be able to come to a shop that provides all your beauty, health and wellness needs, why go anywhere else.

Whether it’s your nails, whitening your smile, relaxing your muscles after a long day of work or finding the right foundation to match your skin, PRINCESS NAILS AND SPA has it all.

We have been operating for 7 years in Brampton. We are confident that every client feels good about the services that they receive or we will make sure you leave happy. Bonding and building relationships with our clienteles are extremely important to us because we have been serving many generations and plans to serve many more to come. Our personalities here are friendly, transparent, educational and funny.

We like to watch soccer games with our clients, babysit the client’s kids, exchange life stories and advise you on health, wellness and beauty tips that you would normally have to pay for.

Princess Nails and Spa has a Professional Nail Technician who specializes in Solar nails where clients from all over the city comes to see him. He is quick, fast, and does an amazing professional job that clients won’t want to go anywhere else. The quality of his technique takes years of experience and can not be taught in a typical aesthetics school. It’s a fine art to master such skills and can not be duplicatable. We often hear clients complaining or disappointed by the amount they spent on a dissatisfying result. Nails would chip easily, colour wouldn’t last long and the nails would lift very easily. Andy knew of this problem and he solves it by perfecting Solar nails. It’s flexible, strong and lasts long. If anyone is looking for a professional experience nail technician, he is hiding here.

We also offer Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening services by a Professional Certified Whitening Clinician who’s performed thousands of treatments. She is passionate about giving everyone a bright white smile looking instantly beautiful. In less than one hour to achieve 4-8 shades whiter, who has time to wait any longer. To not have to worry about yellow discolouration from smoking, wine, coffee/tea stains is such a good feeling to carry. Especially when your smile is the first thing anyone sees.

Waking up pretty is another great feeling to have. When your eyelashes are full and your smile is bright all looking natural without investing tons of time to look that way is a major confidence boost. Michelle is a Professional Eyelash Extension Technician who is so gentle that every client experiences falling asleep in the palms of her hands and wakes up beautiful. She’s so sweet and gentle that will make it feel so safe when she’s performing services like mani/pedi, facials and especially waxing (hot) on you.


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